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Southern Hospitality

Get the full Jungle adventure with this package that features 3 adventure tours that allows you to explore the beauty of Belize lush forest and 1 tour with a cultural experience.

This package includes a round trip flight from the Belize International Airport to Punta Gorda in Southern Belize.

Transfers from Punta Gorda airstrip to Tranquility Lodge.

Stay 5 nights at Tranquility Lodge in a deluxe lodge room- breakfast and dinner included during your stay.



Day 2
Visit Lubaantun the largest Maya Ruin in the Toledo District and wander around the ancient city. Experience the underworld of Blue Creek Cave where you will swim beneath amazing stalactites.

Day 3
Vist Nim Li Punit and Rio Blanco Waterfalls and experience unforgettable Maya ruins and beautiful views from Nim Li Punit archaeological site.  After your tour enjoy cooling off in the Rio Blanco Waterfalls and watching wildlife in the National Park.


Day 4
Visit Rio Grande or Moho River and kayak in beauty and traquility of either one of these majestic rivers from single or double kayaks and look out for howler monkeys, crocs, birds, and much more wildlife.

Day 5
On  your last day visit Cyrilia's chocolate Factory and Barranco Village. This tour features two cultures, you'll experience traditional Mayan chocolate making in San Felipe village and visit a true Garifuna community in one of the most southern villages in Belize, Barranco.

All tours includes lunch, enterance fees, and transfers.

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