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Deep Sea Wonders








Belize is known to be a diver's paradise. There are so many underwater caves to explore and vast coral life formations that exist in Belize's turquoise blue waters.

This package includes 7 days of spectacular discoveries.

Flight transfers from the Belize International Airport to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Transfer to Ramon's Village and stay 3 nights in a thatched cabana-polynesian style.

Day 2
3 tank Dive at the Belize Blue Hole
First dive is to 130-feet inside the Blue Hole itself.
Your second dive is a 60-foot wall dive, near Half Moon Caye. You'll be able to visit the only wildlife sanctuary for the Red Footed Booby Bird located on Half Moon Caye.

Your third dive will take place at The Aquarium near Long Caye. The dive is a 45-minute dive to a depth of 60-feet.

Day 3
Dive at Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Hol Chan is our most popular Dive/Snorkel Adventure.
As a matter of fact, it is the second most popular dive/snorkel site in Belize.

Day 4
Two Flight Transfer from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to Placencia.

Stay 4 nights at one of Belize's prime hotels, Robert's Grove.

Day 5

2 tank dive at Gladden's Split Marine Reserve.
Whale Shark season from April to June when allows these majestic animals to be observed at the Gladden Area by divers. Mutton and Cuberra snapper spawn here every year during the full moon, and the giant whale sharks come from far away to feed on the spawn and to mate.

Day 6
Dive into the wonders of the magnificent Barrier Reef of Belize. A two tank dive that allows you to view multitudes of Gorgonian fan corals, enormous sponges, hundreds of colorful fish, sheer coral-encrusted walls and the wondrous Pelagics.

Day 7
A day trip over to Placencia and walk around the town, gift shops and enjoy a bit of local sightseeing, and food.

Package includes meals for all days except on day lunch on day 7 for a much more local approach that guest may choose to purchase their own meals on this day.


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