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Almond Tree Hotel Resort


Almond Tree is a small resort designed to make each guest feel special, providing a unique enviornment with comfort and a touch of elegance. From the distinctive decor in the bedrooms to the expansive sky and bay experienced from the back yard veranda, you will find yourself in a place you can relax and feel at home, but with a sense of quiet luxury.

Offering distinctive rooms that provides comfort and a touch of elegance with Cathedral ceilings hand painted Mexican vessles, West Indies style furnitures, a pool surround in the lush gardens, Wifi, kitchenette, coffee maker and air conditioning provided.


Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Orange Walk

Situated on the banks of a 28 mile long spring fed lagoon amid the remnants of a major Maya city. It is surrounded by an incredible variety of habitats that facilitate unsurpassed nature-based and soft-adventure activities that depart right from your cabaña’s doorstep without the need for day-trips. The nearest full-service lodge or hotel is over 70 miles away.


Unlike many other lodges who share the same area and attractions, Lamanai Outpost is very much in a world of its own. Whether you are exploring the Maya ruins or watching nature awaken as the sun rises over Crab-Catcher Lagoon, it is almost guaranteed that it will be just you, your guide and a few friends that you have made at the Outpost.


Lamanai Outpost Lodge is totally focused upon the quality of your jungle experience.

Chan Chich Lodge

Orange Walk

Located on a 130,000 acre private nature reserve in northwestern Belize at the heart of “La Selva Maya”, this is a unique destination for serious eco-tourists and novices alike.


Carefully situated in the plaza of an ancient Maya city and surrounded by pristine forest, the lodge consists of 2 to 3-bed thatched-roof Casitas, 12 individual thatched-roof cabanas and one beautifully appointed 2-bedroom Villa.


With a screened-in pool and jacuzzi, fully stocked bar and excellent cuisine, your every desire will be fulfilled by the exceptional facilities and outstanding service.


Come and retrace the footsteps of the Maya, wander extensive trail system and discover the unforgettable flora, fauna and Maya history unique to this tropical paradise. With an unparalleled abundance of wildlife and the best chance to see the elusive jaguar in its natural habitat.


Chan Chich is an extraordinary destination for naturalists, birders and for those seeking an authentic retreat to the jungle.

The Lodge has a full service restaurant and bar.


Orange walk

La Milpa is the third largest ancient Maya site in Belize.  The ceremonial center is built on a high limestone ridge and, with more than 24 courtyards and over 85 structures, is in the topmost rank of Mayan sites.  The Great Plaza is one of the largest public spaces in the Maya world.  It is flanked by four temple-pyramids with the tallest standing 24 m above the plaza floor.  It contains two courts for the sacred Mayan ball-game, associated with ritual and sacrifice as well as recreation.

You can sleep in cabañas that are thatched with leaves from the botan palm.  The technique is thousands of years old and is still in use today.  Each cabaña comes equipped with two double beds located in the main room and one double bed located in the loft area in each room with fans, and mosquito nets that can be utilized for added guest comfort.


The dormitory facility is a state of the art green facility which features separate male and female shared bath units.  Additionally, the facility features Clivus Multrum composting toilets.


The dormitory has a total of 6 rooms each equipped with 4 single beds in bunk style and a 5th single bed in the loft area of each room for a total sleeping capacity of 30.

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