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Altun Ha (Water of the Rock)

Tour access point: Belize City, Ambergris Caye

Located thirty miles north of Belize City near Rockstone Pond Village. Major ceremonial and trading center is the Classic Period (250-900 AD) linked the Caribbean with Central America inland Maya. Here the Jade Head was found representing the Sun God, Kinich Ahau-the largest carved jade object in the whole Maya area.

Cahal Pech (Place of Ticks)

Tour access point: Belize City, The West

Medium sized Maya site located in walking distance of San Ignacio Town Center. It is considered to be one of the oldest Mayan settlements in Belize and dates back to about 1,500 B.C. Offers a panoramic view over the town and the Belize River Valley.

Caracol (The Snail)

Tour access point: Belize City, The West

Discovered in 1938, Caracol is located just south of San Ignacio and once thought only to be a minor site, excavations indicated that it was the most powerful metropolis in the region when the ruler Lord Water defeated Tikal. The Caana (Maya for Sky temple) rise 140 feet above the jungle offering spectacular vistas.


Che Chem Ha Caves

Tour access point: The West

Located in the Maya Mountains are these caves that were once used by Mayans for storage and refuge. Over hundreds of pottery vessles still remain in the ceremonial chamber.

Cerros ( Maya Hills)

Tour access point: The North

Ruins of Maya coastal trading center reaching by a scenic 20 minutes boat ride across Chetumal Bay. Occupied primarily during the late Preclassic Period (300 BC), it is the best known ruin in Corozal, although no actual restoration of the structures has taken place.  

Lamanai (Submerged Crocodile)

Tour access point: Belize City, The North

The last surviving Maya city occupied from 1500BC to the 19th Century including a contact period with the Spanish conquistadors. Sitatated on the edge of New River Lagoon and accessed by a spectacular boat ride several jungle trails span from the site. Historical occupation is occupied by the reigns of two Christan churches and a sugar mill.

Xunantunitch (Stone Woman)

Tour access point: Belize City; The West

Reached by a hand-cranked car ferry across the Mopan River, Xuantunich is a major Maya cermonial center built on a hill overlooking the Belize River valley. The largest pyramid "El Castillo" reaching about 130 feet, has been partially excavated and explored, and bears a remarkable stucco frieze on its east side.

Tikal ( At the Waterhole)

Tour access point: The West

Nested in lush rainforest in Northern Guatemala rising above the tree tops is a glimpse of the once powerful Jaguar clan of the Mayans.
The temples signify one of the most important Mayan cities that dominated much of the Maya world politically, economically, and militarily for centuries.

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